Links to no end

I have a ton of things saved that I am going to use at some point, or have used and don’t want to give up.

  • Want to print out worksheets for young children, coloring pages and more? Go to Kidzone, and have a ball. We used some of their worksheets when T was having a hard time with multiplication, and it was simple, but still worked his brain.
  • Need to know how to make a paper hat? This was the simplest way I have found, and easy enough that they kids can do it themselves. I found this because K got a bug up her butt one night and HAD to have a paper hat to wear.
  • Last but not least, ever hear of Baby Loves Disco? They are a group that goes around the country (and now the UK) and holds kid friendly parties. They are late afternoon after nap time, but before dinner. They have bubble machines, baskets of trinkets and healthy snacks galore. They hold the parties in trendy clubs, and make it a time to remember!
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