Works for Me Wednesday – Kid sites

During the summer, and even during school breaks, my kids do worksheets and workbooks. I don’t want them to forget how to multiply over the summer, or fall behind with cursive writting. There is a store near me that sells a ton of work books, and other fun learning things. It is my favorite store to shop in. But, there isn’t always time to go get a new workbook, or a new poster for the wall. There are many sites out there that give you free work sheets, and sells them as well. I have a few, but one of my favorites is Teach R Kids. They have free pages, plus more once you have a subscription. K loves their pages, and T thinks they are alright. But, he is 10 and doesn’t like doing more than he has to.

Another favorite of mine is Book Adventure. T made a book list for this summer, and he checked each book off as he finished it. He got all but 2 done by the weekend before school started, and he had a long list.

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