A long weekend

I hope everyone is having a great labor day weekend. We were busy from Wednesday on…
– We had Tim’s open house at Clearwater on Wednesday. We are leery of how the transition from elementary school to middle school will go, and that open house didn’t help. Things that we were told would happen haven’t happened yet. And his teacher hasn’t even seen his 504 Plan yet, not a good sign.
– Thursday we moved mom from her apartment to a different one. She will be closer to work, and closer to all the grand kids, so it is a good move. It was hard because it will only me, Hubby, my Sister, her husband and my father in law. Mom has a lot of stuff, from herself and her parents. We got her moved though, after two loads, on really overheated van (ours) and a really good meal at the 5-8 Club.
– Friday we left to go up to the cabin for a few days or relaxation and mellow time. It started out great, until hubby’s sister called to let us know that Dookie (our nephew) was being admitted to the hospital. We were about 2 hours away and she told us not to come home. So off we went getting updates until we lost reception, then calling her when we got to the cabin. At this point they were thinking he had Kawasaki Disease. They hadn’t ruled out other things, West Nile, Lyme Disease and others, but they were leaning towards this. All weekend we were getting updates, waiting to hear what they were going to do.
Tonight we got home, and called hubby’s sister, and she let us know that they were going to treat him for Kawasaki’s, but they still we waiting on the other tests. There is a small window with this disease, where permanent and dangerous complications can happen, and they were coming up to that window. So he is now getting IV treatment, and we wait some more. My poor peanut. He is 7 years old, going into 2nd grade and such a good kid. I worry about him, but know they are doing the best they can for him.
Busy weekend, and it isn’t over yet! Tomorrow is Katie’s day, except for the window where I go see Dookie.

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