My Boo

5 years ago, I made the hard move to put K into daycare. It would help her with interactions, maybe build up her immune system a little and help her grown as a person.
Now, 5 years later I am getting ready to watch my peanut go to her first day of school. Her backpack is packed and ready to go. Her tennis shoes and hanging on to the strap, her lunch box has her name on it, and she even has picked out her first day of school outfit (she is a little girly in that respect). She is ready to ride the bus, to learn all about math and writing. She is ready to make new friends, and see some of her old ones.
I am proud of the little girl that K has become. She is caring, loving and honest. She is willing to do anything for her friends, and ask her friends for help. She will play in the dirt with trucks, and go play dress up all in the same hour. She loves to write, read and learn new things.
While I am excited to see what she becomes, I am going to miss the days off being lazy, the late night snuggles and extra kisses when I come home for lunch. I miss the little girl that wanted nothing but her mommy, needed nothing but her family and loved to copy her brother. I will miss all of those things and more, but can’t wait to see this new person grow.

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