Still sick!

The past few days…okay week or so have been incredibly wet. Rain all the time…right now in fact, and a dampness that will not go away. It started the weekend of the 11th, and has been pretty constant since. Two weekends in a row of camping in the rain! (more on that later) It is…well wet.
So, like most people that I know from work I now have a cold. I am not talking oh my nose is running cold. I am talking a stuffy snoring nose, sore throat that doesn’t work to well in the morning, coughing so hard my ribs feel like they are going to jump up my throat just to escape the frog sounds coming from myself cold. It is not a good time. I haven’t slept more than 5 hours all week, because either I can’t sleep or I wake myself up coughing. Not a good time for anyone in the house, since hubby doesn’t sleep well when we are both home anyway!

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