What did I ever do to her…

Today was the first day of getting up early to prepare for Kindergarten….here is how it went.

I got up at 6 to get myself half way ready, because I had a feeling it would not be pretty getting Miss Thing out of bed. Call it a hunch.

My hunch was correct. I went in at 6:30 and said in my happy voice “Boo…time to get up for PK. (project kids). Let’s go honey”. I got a grunt, a moan, and she rolled over. Ok…lets try this again. Repeated myself, and again got a grunt, a moan but this time a dirty look was throw into the mix. I let her be for a couple minutes in hopes (wishful thinking I know) that she would roll herself out of bed and get up. Not quite. I went in again, this time turned the light on (so mean, with flashbacks to my youth), and said in a still nice voice, but with a little of that “tone” to it “Boo, get up. We have to get ready for PK. Let’s go…now”. This time I got a sit up, a dirty look, and a stumbling mass that I think was my daughter, but I am not quite sure, walking out her door into the bathroom. SLAM…oh this is going to be fun week.

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