Guess what we got…

A camper. No pictures yet, but hopefully tonight, but it looks like rain, so we will see. It is a 84 Pop-up Camper. We are working our way up, so this is a great start for us. There is only one tear that I have to fix, other wise is GREAT shape. All the cushions are in good condition, and sink and stove work and there is a lot of storage. We are so excited, that we are going out this weekend to try it out. Ryan just needs to dig out his screen patch kit so we can fix that, otherwise the bugs will get us! We figured with the two weddings in August that will take us out of town (that we had planned on camping for), it would save us a lot just buying one. Tim hasn’t seen it yet, so I can’t wait!
Now all i need is the game “Rack-O” and the game box will be ready for camping, may have to order that online since no one around me seems to carry it. It is fairly inexpensive, so it isn’t a big deal.

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