Childhood Memories

Owlhaven is doing a blog carnival about your childhood home. It is fun to see what stands out…
There are things that we all remember from out childhood home. The places we could hide without being found, the tree you would sit behind, or something that happened you just can’t seem to forget.
Anyone from Minnesota or Wisconsin that is older that 20 can tell you where they were during the Halloween Storm of 1991. I didn’t want to give up Trick or Treating, there was no way that was going to happen. So out I went with my friend Susan, and we were the only kids on the street it seemed. We were out for almost an hour, and came home frozen, wet and tired.
The next morning, you couldn’t see out your front door, or your window. We spent 4 hours shoveling November 1st, missing school and work for my dad. My mom was stuck at her work until the roads were clear, she worked overnights at that point.
My siblings and I spent the day shoveling, playing and jumping off the deck. The deck was higher, and with all the snow pack right under it, it made a great jumping spot. You could jump high, and land hard and still not touch anywhere near the bottom of the snow. There was just that much of it. Our dog Puffer would dive into the snow when we landed ,and smother us with kisses and barks wanting to get in on a the fun. To scared to jump with us, she would just dive in after.
We would take turns going in to make hot chocolate and warm up, dry out and rest. It is the best winter memory, and seems to cut the heat of the summer now.

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