Works for Me Wednesday

Okay, so I wanted to try to do a “Works for me Wednesday” Post. Let’s see how it goes shall we…
I learned this trick when my daughter was battling a pretty bad chest cold a couple years ago. She was coughing so bad at night, she would induce herself to vomit. Not fun at 2 am. So, as I am cleaning up for the third time of the night, I call the nurse line. We had tried everything we could think of (steam showers that normally work for her, Cough Medicine and Vapor Rub on her chest and tummy.) The nurse, who was older from the sound of her voice, told me that I was doing everything right (young mom, I worry about that), but to try putting the Vick’s on Kate’s feet, put some socks on her and tuck her back into bed. It would warm her up, and somehow cut the cough. And guess what…IT WORKED!!!! All it took was a thin layer of Vapor Rub and a regular pair of cotton socks. Kate didn’t cough the rest of the night, and that nurse became my new best friend! We now do this whenever I or Kate have a cough that won’t quit, and it has been our savior.
I can’t explain how it worked, or if it works for everyone…but it Worked for Me! Head on over to Rocks in my Dryer for more Works-For-Me Wednesday posts
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