Please remember

Over the past two weeks our family has had two major reminders…be safe when you are driving.

Memorial Weekend was the three year reminder of Colleen’s terrible motorcycle accident. It taught us that tempers don’t work, drugs and alcohol in your systems don’t help either! If it wasn’t for her helmet, she wouldn’t be with us today. That small piece of equipment saved her life. I could have lost my sister that day, instead, in 10 days I will watch her marry Kurt.

June 2nd was also Bob’s birthday. That taught many many people that drinking and driving don’t mix. While his blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit, Bob drove home and could have killed someone, besides himself.

More now then ever I notice how many people are affected by these sort of things. It is scary to think about.

Remember to think of others as you get in the car after a night at the bar, or after an argument with a loved one. There are people that are affected in long out-stretches. Whether it be the person that does the jail and probation time, or the friends you leave behind.

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