Can it happen?

Have you ever sat and wondered how much a person or people can really change? Can someone who grew up being mean and nasty become the nicest person? And vise versa? Can a person who was disrespectful learn over time to change their ways, or are they always this way? Can a person who has repeatedly hurt their friends, turn things around and become the best friend a person could ever have? Can a person who grows up believing one things, turn off that belief and live their life?

Change is something that must happen body and mind and heart. It isn’t something you can think one day, and change overnight. It takes time, practice and patience. It takes committing yourself to the hard road ahead. One day if will be as if that is who you have always been, if you really want it.

There have been a lot of things over my life that have made me question what is in a person’s head and heart. Why do they think what they do is okay? What reason’s do they have that would in any way justify their actions? I have seen people change, and become great people that I love being around and would miss terribly is they ever left my life. I also have walked away from relationships when I knew it wasn’t healthy for me. I have given up on things in order to search for better.

I know that I am not in anyway perfect, but I have worked to change who I am to become a better person than I was 5 years, even 10 years ago. I work everyday at it. I research ways to calm my temper, by breathing and taking time. I have learned ways to articulate my emotions better. I have learned to be patient and caring in ways I could never achieve prior.

Can people change? Do we have it in us to change for the long haul???

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