Once again…

Between all the snow, working, and dealing with car issues it has been a while…Katie’s head is back to normal, for the most part. She still has a little line of yellow on her forehead, but the pain is gone, and she hasn’t hit her head since. That is a good thing.
We got almost two feet of snow over the past two weeks. The kids are in heaven! Katie wants to spend all day playing outside, and Tim just wants to build forts. They are having a great time. However, with the snow comes the slush and mess of it all. Saturday I got rear ended, and they are totaling out my car. With as old as my car is, the parts are very expensive, and everything comes in one piece, or 5 pieces. So we got the check, and now we are car shopping. Fun fun.
Kindergarten Registration is on Thursday, so that is a little stressful. This weekend Ryan and I are going to see Ron White…Scooter…I am excited and I know Ryan is too.

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