Ebay is wonderful

I am a person that likes to ice fish…as long as we are in a house of course. There are people that don’t get it, and that can be understandable. But when you are in a house, it is like fishing from your living room, and much more entertaining. It has been a few years since I have gone, almost 5 I think, since before Katie came along.
Ryan is getting ready for his yearly trip to Mille Lacs with the boys. He even got the new fishing pole he wanted, with a light on it for night fishing.
With getting ready for his trip, Ryan has found ebay…and a monster has been created. He found a fishing camera that you put in the water with a screen up with you. He has wanted one for a while, so I was glad he found one, for almost half the cost in a store. He has gotten lures and other things I can’t even remember. He spends time every night looking for things he wants, and has gotten some great deals, like the camera.
So I will send him off on Friday to fish, drink and play poker. They will have a great time, and maybe have time to catch a fish…

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