Election Day Thoughts

So many people seem to be suprised by the fact the Democrats won the most races this election. No one seems to be more surpised then President Bush. Now, with two more years in office, he will work hand in hand with the Democarts, including Nancy Pelosi, the new Madam Speaker. Things should be interesting.
With the gubernatorial as close as it was, Hatch didn’t conceed until 10 this morning. Both canidates ran good campaigns, if not a little dirty. I won’t say I am happy about the results, but there are plus sides to both canidates. And as they are saying around work, we have 4 years of job security…
I will say that I am excited about Amy Klobuchar though. While I didn’t think it would such a dramatic result, 58% to 38%.
I have to say that I am glad that South Dakota overturned the Abortion law. Please let women make thier own choices. I will also say that I am disappointed with Wisconsin passing the Same Sex Marriage Ban though. Not only for the Same Sex Marriage portion, but also for the parts of that affect persons co-habitating hetrosexualy. Gene Simmons would never move to Wisconsin now…

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