That’s My Child!

So Sunday night Katie was dancing in the kitchen, she can spin really easily there. Of course she slipped, and fell head first into the hard wood floors…Nice… I had nightmares about that sound for a couple days “THUNK”…not good. She was fine, had a nice bump for a couple days, and a little bit of bruising around her eye. Fine, no big deal. Then the poor thing has to get her flu shot, and you would think the world was ending the way she carried on about how it hurt. Yes dear is all I can say.
But tonight, as we are getting ready for (another) birthday party, I stand up, right into her poor check. Even 4 hours later it was still red. Another bruise.
When I pick her up from the party the mom says to me “I tried to keep her safe…” Ummm, what? She got kicked by another girl from school…In the NOSE. Bloody nose and one almost sick kid from seeing Katie’s bloody nose.
She must be mine…

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