I hate ears…have I said that before…

So we went to the ENT on Friday, not a good time at all. First of all, it was downtown. We left 5 minutes later then we wanted to, and for some reason, all the other cars going that way did too. I am driving up 35W North thinking…I should get off on 66th and take that to portland and go that way… Did I…NO. That was my first mistake. Then I thought….I should take the first exit and go to portland and go that way…Did I…of course not. I swear I am a glutton for punishment. And of course Katie is telling me to “Go on that side Mommy…they are going SUPER fast”. ( you have to invisions Katie’s voice for that line) And that would have worked if I wanted to take 62 to Portland…did I…No. So we finally get to the Lake Street/31st Street exit and get moving a little faster, but oh wait…Park is closed for 3 blocks, and there isn’t a sign until you turn. Great…lovely…FABULOUS. So after I whip a u-turn and say a few choice words we get to the detour and take that over. We get to the ENT with 2 minutes to spare. Good thing we had those 2 minutes, since we had to fill out paper work. Whatever. Nothing has changed, and there isn’t anything new, Katie ears are still a pain!
So we get in to see the Dr. and he is a very confused man, with a very thick accent when he is confused…”She has drainage??”… yes…”But she doesn’t have tubes in!” DUH! If I thought it was normal we wouldn’t be here. So into the procedure room we went. I will spare you the details, since I still go into convulsions when I think about it, but it wasn’t fun. Katie freaked out and he couldn’t get her ear cleaned out. The good thing is, he doesn’t think she perfed her ear drum. The bad thing is we have to use ear drops and go back next week. Great. I totally asked my mom to come so I could, for once, be the good guy in the end, and she could be the mean and nasty one. That was nice to establish.
Another bad thing, no swimming. No hot tub nothing except baths, and those have to be brief. Great…lovely… There goes swim lessons in October. Oh well, at least we have dance class…

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