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Boo’s Big Night!

Tonight was a HUGE night for Boo. She has been working for months on her Fastpitch Pitching, working to get better and be able to maybe pitch in a game sometime soon. Tonight she had the chance, and she ROCKED … Continue reading

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The Teams

I am cold. I am tired. I had the BEST DAY! Boo has a tournament this weekend that took all of today, and will take most of tomorrow depending on how they do and how they are ranked. We spent … Continue reading

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Play Ball

I don’t know where even to start, there is just so much right now. I had another parents meeting for the Softball Association last week…and got a 12 page packet of information that I need to read through before Boo’s … Continue reading

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What I Learned This Week

I am fighting a cold, and I think I just might be losing this battle. Ugh! This week was jam packed to the hilt! We had so much going on, and it will now only get worse. – Sleeping in … Continue reading

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Some Lovely Randomness

It’s Valentine’s Day, and that means little to our house. Except for Boo who loves any reason to make a card… Things have been a moving lately, so much going on. We find out this week about Boo’s school situation, … Continue reading

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Pant’s on the Ground!

So many people are sick of seeing this, but it makes me giggle like a little kid every time it comes on, and KFAN is playing it CONSTANTLY! This week the Saints…and that is all I will say. Who dat … Continue reading

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Brett Farve Spoofs Himself

Oh man, these crack me up everytime! Brett Farve spoofing himself! Check it out. Here is the original one

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Skol Vikings!!!

A Vikings win…what a day to go to the game. Not only did they win, but they won with 2 seconds left of the clock! The atmosphere in the Metrodome was outstanding. The energy, the attitudes…the Fans! So many people … Continue reading

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It’s my birthday and I will yell at football players if I want to!

Today I turn 30. But, the highlight of my day isn’t that. That is just a bonus. The best part about my day…I am going to my first Vikings Game since I was 16 years old. We are playing the … Continue reading

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Stop Now…

I am only going to say this much about the much anticipated-anti-climactic debacle known as Bret Farve coming to the Vikings… I am sad, but now he must stay retired. No coming back. No keeping your fingers crossed during your … Continue reading

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